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At Weatherall Windows, all our doors are made from the highest quality materials. Our frames and sashes are made from uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), which provides an extensive range of benefits over other materials such as aluminium and wood.

These benefits include thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire retardant properties, durability, corrosion resistant, and much more. This makes uPVC a premium and high-quality material for windows and doors. 

Patio door front door entrace door

Entry Door

An entry door is a door that is attached to a frame by hinges and can swing inward or outward.

It is commonly used for both interior and exterior entrances in homes and buildings.

French Door

French doors have two glass panels that open outward or inward from the centre

, allowing for a wide entrance and connecting indoor and outdoor spaces while letting in natural light.

lift and slide door

Smart Slide Door

Smart sliding doors are designed for smooth operation, enhanced security, and better insulation. 

These doors are typically used for large openings, such as patios or balconies, and offer convenience and modern design.

lift and slide door

Sliding Door

Sliding doors open and close by moving sideways along a track. Instead of swinging open like a regular door, they slide parallel to the wall. 

Sliding doors are commonly used for accessing patios, decks, or balconies, and they save space since they don’t require room to swing open. 

Stacker door

Stacker Door

A stacker door is a type of sliding door with multiple panels that slide and stack neatly behind one another. 

They are great for connecting indoor and outdoor areas and allow for a large, unobstructed opening.

Bi-Fold door

Bi-Fold Door

A bi-fold door is a type of door made up of several panels that fold together when you open it. 

The panels are connected by hinges and slide on a track, folding to one side to create a wide opening.

lift and slide door

Lift and Slide Door

A lift and slide door is a type of sliding door that you lift slightly before sliding it open. 

This lifting action allows the door to move smoothly along its track and creates a tight seal when closed, improving insulation and security.

Lift and slide doors are often used for large glass panels, providing wide openings to outdoor areas and offering easy operation with minimal effort.

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