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At Weatherall Windows we make our horizontal sliders from a dedicated uPVC profile system. As well as offering single and double opening configurations, our sliding windows have multi-point locks for ultimate security. All of our sliding windows come equipped with twin brush seals that ensure protection against draughts, smoke, dust, insects and light. While not as energy efficient as our other window styles, our dedication to development and a high standard of quality mean that U values as low as 1.9 can be achieved with these windows. Furthermore, our sliding windows meet BAL29 requirements.

Benefits of installing sliding windows in Melbourne

Horizontal sliding windows are an extremely popular choice for Australian homes due to their low cost, excellent ventilation capabilities and functionality. Just a few of the many benefits of sliding windows include:

They can open left or right, and are considered by many to be faster and easier to open than most other types of window.
They’re a great choice for homes with limited space due to their lack of protrusion, and are ideal for rooms facing walkways, decks or neighbouring buildings.
Since they don’t open outwards, it’s simple to add sturdy insect or security screens as a part of our sliding windows Melbourne package.
Our uPVC sliding windows are extremely easy to maintain. Simply use a brush or vacuum to remove dust and debris.
They come in a large variety of sizes, and can be tailor-made to suit your exact requirements.
As well as looking good, their neat framing allows for a maximum amount of natural light to enter your home while giving you a clear view of the outdoors.

The Weatherall Windows difference

Here at Weatherall Windows, we’re proud to be known as the leading supplier of uPVC sliding windows Melbourne-wide on top of our extensive range of other window and door varieties. With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, we’ve provided our professional services to countless homeowners Victoria-wide who have come to rely on us as the best of the best. Our team has experience in everything from design and manufacture through to installation, which is why we’re confident we can meet your every need. All Weatherall Windows doors and windows come with a 10-year no fuss guarantee so you can be certain of your purchase.

Ask about our sliding windows in Melbourne today!

Are you still tossing up whether or not sliding windows are the best choice for your home? Give us a call on 1300 132 095 where one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you out. They’ll be glad to walk you through our wide range of sliding windows and assist you in narrowing down the best solution for your needs. With colour options including white, oyster, golden oak, silver, Ceylon and a range of other combinations, we’re sure that we can help you find the perfect fit for your home.