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Best quality sliding doors Melbourne has to offer

Weatherall Windows uPVC sliding doors are a popular choice for Melbourne’s energy-conscious households, particularly those with limited space as they don’t swing open like hinged doors. As well as helping to create a spacious and light-filled environment, our Sliding Doors in Melbourne use superior double glazing technology to prevent heat from escaping your home in winter and keeping it out during summer. Low maintenance, visually appealing and environmentally friendly, Weatherall Windows sliding doors are the ideal value-adding solution to any property.

The benefits of installing Sliding Doors in Melbourne

Weatherall Windows sliding doors Melbourne offer a host of benefits and make for a smart, cost-effective addition to any home. Some of the advantages to installing a sliding door include:

Superior insulation:Due to their unparalleled insulation technology, our sliding doors eliminate cold spots and drafts during winter. In hotter weather, they work to deflect hot air from entering the space and provide excellent ventilation.

Energy efficiency: At Weatherall Windows, we’re passionate about providing effective window and door solutions for homeowners while reducing our carbon footprint. Because you won’t need to use your heating and cooling systems as much, you can save hundreds on your utility bills each year and do your bit for the environment.

Noise control: Properly configured, double glazed sliding doors can decrease the amount of noise coming into your house by over 40 decibels. The difference in thickness between the outer and inner panes can reduce outside noise even further.

Space-enhancing: Sliding doors are perfect for adding a feeling of spaciousness to your house. Open up your home to the view outside with our stylish range of frames that can easily be matched to your existing décor, and enjoy the natural light streaming into your living area.

Safety and security: Compared to standard single pane sliding doors Melbourne residents can sleep easier at night knowing that double glazed sliding doors are considered one of the safest options on the market. We now offer a new high security screen system that stops the door from being lifted or prised open, equipped with stainless steel security mesh for added peace of mind.

The best range of sliding doors Melbourne wide

All Weatherall Windows sliding doors in Melbourne come in two, three and four panel designs. We’ve recently updated our products to include a new stacking sliding door that can open up to 4000 mm, and also offer the European tilt and slide version of a sliding door. The tilt and slide door has a unique design that allows the sliding panel to operate in tilt mode for ventilation with secure locking points around the opening, and is the perfect solution for creating a barrier to children and pets when open. All of our sliding doors meet BAL 29 requirements.

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